Glenda Smith's ART

Glenda Smith's ART

It was written in the Stars so I didn't stand a chance! I just had to become an Artist. Mum was an Artist who, with 8 kids to raise, never really had a chance to bloom. She had that 'off centre', critical eye that only a true Artist has. Then there was Dad - the precise, intricate detail, creative type. The 3 of us would head off to a few pottery classes in Werribee & life-drawing in Geelong (Mum didn't come to the life-drawing!). So this is my turn to Shine! 3 years ago I decided to start on my journey to become an Artist. I now have the time; the Studio (a converted sauna); the subjects to paint; the inspiration (I live at Binalong Bay, Tasmania); the passion, and, perhaps - the Talent! Welcome to my Art.

'Night falls on Noosa"

'Skeleton Bay in Colour'

Fingal Valley

Fingal Valley, Tasmania