I am a self taught photographer and I have also explored Adobe Photoshop on my own, sometimes I also draw, these are the main medias I use to create my art.

I am experimenting with different natural filters, as olive oil for example, to give softness to a picture or drawing.

Recently I took a course in Fundamentals of Graphic Design at California Institute of the Arts - this was when I found art as a way to express myself..

When I am creating my art I use a specific kind of dialogue with the Self or Existence, it is specific because I use a set of different perspectives defined in a selfdevelopment method that I have created. My experience is that we can train ourselves and our faculties into a more magical world. We can sharpen and refine our minds, the more we are listening the more something wants to communicate with us. The more we relate to that which exists within us and outside ourselves, the more a special and very precious kind of Dialogue and Partnership emerges.

'The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.' W. B. Yeats