Louise van Wyk - Art

Louise van Wyk - Art


I am an artist, illustrator and art teacher from Cape Town. I paint because it's a visceral need. I strive to create beautiful things that touch the viewer. Sometimes it's a happy memory or a place that fills me with joy and inspiration. Other times it's evocative emotions like innocence, epiphany, resolve, freedom. As long as a work of art is more than just something to look at I have hit my mark.

I have recently started illustrating storybooks, which has opened up a new art genre for me. I strive to capture the mood of the story with my illustrations. I believe that illustrations are a very important part of telling the story.

As a teacher, I strive to help artists translate what they see in their minds onto the canvas by teaching technique, observational skills, and thinking artistically. I believe we are all artists at heart in some way, some of us by creating it, some of it by having an eye for it.

I hope you enjoy my art!