Louise Cairns

Louise Cairns


I am a landscape artist living and working in Scotland.

In my paintings and photographs I try to capture the light, and the emotions I feel when I first see the landscape.

I usually work from home using my own photographs - as well as other reference materials to create an original composition. I try to convey an emotional response through my work. I try not to represent exactly the landscape, by I try to capture something with more depth.

I have always been enthusiastic about art.

I get inspiration from the Scottish landscapes, and the light in Scotland has no comparison in the world. The pinks of sunset and the greys of a storm are evocative and forceful, just like a true Scot.

I love to travel and explore, I'm a bit of a wanderer, and when the mood takes me I can find myself compelled to paint and photograph wherever I find myself. I am always drawn back to Scotland, I am a proud Scots lassie and I find Scotland has the most beautiful scenery in the world, and I'll continue to paint and photograph it.