Lorna Kay

Lorna Kay


I have had an eye for creativity for practically my whole life. But my passion for photography started to develop, perhaps, after I got married. Until much more in recent years, that has become stronger. And I'm still learning things every day
I was encouraged by a some people to share some the photos of what beauty I find in this world. Some things may not be perfect, but the beauty is still there if you look beyond the picture.
My 'specialty' is mostly photos of flowers.
I tend to focus on the simple things because who needs more complication in life? Sometimes the simple things is all you really need. And sometimes the simple things can be more important than the more expensive, more beautiful...
Though, I have yet to travel the world, see exotic places and animals, which I hope to do some day...., I try to bring the beauty of what's available to me, to those who have viewed my photos. And hopefully they will have either brought smiles to some faces or remind us of what beauty there is in the of this world, even in the simplest form. And hopefully enough to have them hanging on their walls or given as cards.
'Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.'-- Confucius