Lori Webb

Lori Webb


I was born curious and with that curiosity came an early love for photography. First, in observatory appreciation, then rapidly as an active means to document, understand, appreciate and herald the world in which we live.

While having taken many pictures; attended a high school photography class and experienced countless photographic exhibitions, books and photographer's work; it wasn't until the turn of the century that photography finally took a serious hold of me. I was in graduate school and in the process of taking a digital media course when I allowed my then four years old son to take pictures in the botanical gardens. Due to his height, carefree childhood nature and perhaps even a natural photographic genius, his short series blew me away. The perspective, the light, the composition and the endless possibilities that where just on the horizon were all reason for a latent photographer to actively get excited. And thus, it all began.

Over the years, I have increasingly sought out more and more subjects to document and continue to be fascinated by the process.

Finally, I have decided to also share my photos with the world.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.



San Francisco