Lorie Caval

Lorie Caval


Artist Statement: Lorie Caval, NYC-based artist.

People are so often left alienated, hiding the very parts of ourselves that make us unique and beautiful. We sometimes perceive ourselves as alone and incapable of connecting with the world, with one another, unable to give to – or create anything new with – one another. My artwork expresses a yearning for connection, the power of human vulnerability as well as spiritual strength, and the often untapped powerful worlds that exist inside us all.

As a self-taught artist, my approach to drawing and painting started as a means to express emotions – my own as well as the emotionality of the images I created. Before I knew the importance of technique, before I knew to learn from (or compare myself to) master painters, I felt the significance of creating space for expressing the authentic self.

The themes explored in the collections featured on ArtPal are about identity, spirituality, dreaming, female energy as well as projects about capoeira (a Brazilian martial art which I practice) and a series about Puerto Rico (born out of a study-abroad trip that I took with CCCADI in 2015).

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement and view my art. For more information, and to see more of my paintings, goto: www.loriecaval.com

Post-Puerto Rico Collection

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