Lorie Bramley

Lorie Bramley


My love of painting began with porcelain art over 35 years ago. I have painted all manner of blank white china with flowers, fruit, birds, and scenes. I learned from several different teachers, seminars, and schools through the years. Each piece of china is painted and fired several times to achieve the depth of color and details desired. The firing process, in a kiln at approximately 1350 degrees, causes the mineral paints to fuse with the glaze making the piece dishwasher safe and microwave safe, except if gold is applied. First a design idea blossoms and then with brush in hand, a porcelain piece to be treasured, is created. I plan to share some of my porcelain art pieces for sale in the future. China painting is an everlasting art as it will not fade and dates back hundreds of years.

For now I am sharing my passion for watercolor. It was an easy transition to watercolor painting and I am fully embracing it. I love photographing flowers, nature, buildings, etc for future reference and inspiration for painting. I am constantly aware of the beauty in nature, interesting buildings, and all my surroundings. It is fascinating to note the play of light and the interesting shadows that it creates, making things ever changing through the day and the seasons. My dear mother and the wonderful ladies of our Iowa farm neighborhood taught me an appreciation and knowledge of flowers and plants. In the past I had a big flower garden and loved it. Now, I enjoy painting them. It is easier on the knees to paint them!

The prints and canvas are available in several sizes. You can buy just the print and do your own matting and framing, or click through for a variety of mats and frames until you find the perfect combination. You can even see it against your choice of wall color. How cool is that!!

I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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