Ragnarauk is the depiction of Sin and their benefactors. The various types of sin rendered in the most profound and entertaining way possible some depictions are featured in the short films I enter into film festivals around the world. To view any current or upcoming features visit www.ragnarauk.com for details

Disclaimer... As I finish the shorts and upload them these paintings will gain in popularity and value exponentially One would be at a miss not to get in on the ground floor of this opportunity. However no one who was ever told such a thing believed it until after the value rose.

Selling Point: Ragnarauk is a three part series of work by myself LorenzoD it is a work of one person creating the paintings, writing the stories, acting the characters and creating the animations. This is the zenith of what I call Fussionism the use of technology and traditional art
to convey the full vision to the viewer.

Angels and Demons