Lore Fine Art

Lore Fine Art


For me as an artist and an individual, art has no limits or boundaries. My artistic vision for each of
my paintings is to be able to capture the essence of our lives as well as our entire universe. I strive
to reach the viewer's five senses, where my artwork becomes an enjoyment for the vision. It is my
belief that in order to create universal art, one must channel through the spiritual world and reach
the cosmos in order to be able to express yourself universally to all the people, for art does not have
specific language or boundaries. It is universally understood and accepted.
Prior to creating the painting, I travel to different places across our universe in my imagination, capture
the feeling of that given moment and then bring it to the viewer. For instance, it is fairly easy for a
person to imagine The Alaskan Glaciers, or The Sahara Desert, but it is a challenge to be able to visualize
the energy of the cosmos, for that reason I bring that experience and energy onto my canvas and
straight to the audience. Ultimately, I always leave it up to the viewer to live out his/her own vision when looking at my paintings,
and come up with their own interpretation as my art allows each individual to enrich the soul. My paintings are abstract and they give
each viewer such flexibility.
It is a pleasure for me to create works of art that bring joy to the viewer and give them happiness and
satisfaction as an artist, this is what I strive to accomplish every day of my life.

Black Tide

La Siesta