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Loi Hong Diep art


LOI HONG DIEP Born in 1973 in Vietnam in an professional artist painter family. 1995, Graduated from Academic of Fine Art in Ho Chi Minh city. From 1998 live in Warsaw, Poland. Belonging to Association of Polish Artists and Designers( ZPAP). She creat in two main tends: Realistic (impressionism) and Fantasy (symbolism). As a half time designer she also photograph, use CorelDraw and Photoshop to creat digital works
Solo exhibitions:
-1998, individual exhibition by and in the house of Institute of Cultural Exchange with France in Ho Chi Minh City (IDECAF house in Ho chi Minh City)
-1999 , individual exhibition organized by The Asia and Pacific Museum in Gallery Orange of Royal Baths Park, Warsaw
-2007, "Loi Hong Diep-painting" in meble salon Sawaji, Warsaw,
-2013, "Loi Hong Diep's painting and drawings" organized by the Social and Cultural Society of Vietnamese in Poland and the Center for Cultural Promotion, Praga PoĊ‚udnie, Warsaw.
-2017, "Loi Hong Diep-fantasy and reality"organized by and in the Multicultural Center Warsaw
-2018, "Loi Hong Diep- Przez moje oczy (Through my eyes)", organized by Ochota Culture Center at OKO gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
-2019, "LoiHong Diep- The others", organized by Association of Polish Artists and Designers( ZPAP) in House of Artists in Warsaw.
Before 1998, Participated in many professional selected and group exhibitions in Vietnam and other countries
1998, after arrived and decided to live in Poland, she never sent paintings to take part in any exhibitions that outside Poland (but sold some abroad). Her paintings are in art galleries and private collections in Vietnam, Japan, Poland, US, England.
2019, December: "The Flow" ( '"Dong Chay'" in Vietnamese) - an Art exhibition of her family was held at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition showcases the works of her parents, her and her younger sister. after more than 20 years of holding works only in Poland, Loi Hong Diep brought 16 of her paintings (which in tend of fantasy-symbolism) to Vietnam to join her family in the exhibition
She lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.
email: loihongdiep@yahoo.com
tel. (48)729406450, (48)729400318

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