Siempre pinto lo que pienso

Siempre pinto lo que pienso


Welcome and thanks for visiting.

This is Rodrigo Díaz, an artist and surfer from Northern Spain. On this gallery I am showing the works included in the project "Siempre pinto lo que pienso" (I always paint what I think), that started on April 14th, 2020 when I was locked down a few yards from the beach, I could see the waves, but I wasn't allowed to surf...all I could (and should) do was stay home and paint, so I started painting what was in my mind...surfing, sea, swimming, outdoor activities, water, light, freedom...

This project includes images where I try to capture the movement of a wave and a surfer flowing on it and the reflections of light on the water. All works are executed with colored Indian inks on paper. Mostly A3 and A4 formats.

You can see more works at my instagram account

I hope you enjoy what you see here and may be find something that suits you.

Muchas gracias, fuck COVID!