Art by Laura

Art by Laura

Hi there
Thank you for visiting my site Im a self taught artist that uses colored pencil watercolors and acrylic paints as her mediums in art.All my art is original, I also enjoy adding jewels to some of my pieces. I like bold colors, Im learning different techniques to make improvements in my art all the time. I've been drawing for about 6 years now and have had a drawing class in Hollis NH and hope to do more classes where time will allow. I like to think my style is different than others and hope you see it that way. I love drawing female faces I think they are more interesting I also like fantasy type art. My style is cartoon unique, I have a strong appreciation for other artists,
and wouldn't hesitate to buy other artist work.I'm also a published poet of two books I love the arts. I'm also a Mother of a single child who is married and serves our country! .I would say Im still a beginner artist but you have to start somewhere. I hope this gives you an idea of who I am !



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