Finesse Art Boutique

Finesse Art Boutique

My Name is Laurentia Petcu. Thank you for visiting my store.
Years ago I've discovered a real passion for painting. Self-taught, I've learned to play with the colors on the canvas, awkwardly at first but then became more and more confident in my actions. Fascinated by colors and textures, art is my way to see the world. I weave dance, air and flowers into my paintings to create an otherworldly likeness. I call it alchemy for the eyes. I've tried to capture an emotion by the color and the contrasts.
While surfing the net, I've discovered the digital art and it was love at first sight. The marriage of acrylic painting and digital allows me to work by instinct and improvisation.

Girls and flowers -mixed media art

Fantasy - Mixed Media

Ballerina Project

Fairy Tales and Fantasy

Abstract paintings of women


Duo tone