LJLundy Abstract Art

LJLundy Abstract Art


Born in Durham, Laura has lived in various places around the North East of England and currently resides in Sunderland with her partner, 4 cats and a house bunny.

Discovering the freedom of painting and the expression of colour at a very early age, Laura studied art at school, receiving a Distinction in her GNVQ in Art & Design, with full intention to continue her studies. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be and commitments to the family business and paying bills took priority over schooling.

Laura has built a career as a Colour Master Hair Stylist, with a genuine passion and true understanding of colour theory, while stepping up to the responsibility of taking over and running the salon business. Painting remained a big part of her life for over 15 years, mainly self-taught and remaining in the background of the stress and confinement of running the business and looking after others.

As the years have passed, the obstacles faced have increased just as fast as Laura’s desire to return to her original passion for abstract art. Now with various health issues, making not just her career, but her day-to-day life increasingly difficult, that freedom and expression of colour has taken on a whole new meaning.

Now able to devote more time to her art, Laura hopes to share her vision of the world, and that others can see and feel the emotions portrayed in the oil. Offering original abstract art and commissions for anyone looking for that personal touch.