Lj Feasel - Artist

Lj Feasel - Artist


While not quite as old as the painter Grandma Moses when I first started painting, I did come late to the art. Started painting late in life as a therapeutic outlet. In discovering my passion for painting a door opened in my life to find beauty and to take notice of the little things. Painting in black and white has added color to my soul.

Finding a paint and sip class where I was living in St. Petersburg, FL was the start of my passion. One class led to another and another and another. Soon my desire to paint more complex pictures and different styles led to getting the supplies needed to work at home.

While looking for what to paint and going through photos and noticing a great majority were in black and white I wondered why not paint in black and white. Variety of painting subjects and the occasional pop of color, thus began my journey.

Enjoy! Lj Feasel