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A camera is a wonderful thing, to allow the world to see what we find beautiful, strange, or interesting!
We've had an extraordinary year as far as dormant spores having a chance to come to life, so there have been things I've never seen and may be a few years until I see them again here in Southern Vermont, US.

*The captions make some of these, and explain my thoughts on why I included them. When on mobile they're harder to see, on desktop/laptop mousing over will provide the titles more easily!*

*These photos and/or descriptions should not be used for mushroom identification. I am not a mushroom expert. I have eaten one so far, and briefly tasted another but spit it out. I expect I will, someday, know my salt, but that time is not now so please do not take my word as any sort of authority.

**Also, I should note I only color correct to what the mushrooms/landscapes/etc look like in person. Nothing is more vivid than it appeared to my eyes at the time the photo was taken unless noted.

Welcome to the 2021 Year of the Mushroom Gallery!

2021 Year of the Mushroom top hits

2022 Drought, Famine, and Pestilence


Lichen & Moss



Sprites, Pixies, and Spirits

White Mushrooms

Red/Orange Mushrooms

Purple/Pink Mushrooms

Brown Mushrooms

Yellow Mushrooms

Decrepit/Moldy Mushrooms