Hi, I'm Liz and have been dabbling in the arts most of my life.
I paint with oils and use pastels from time to time. I started selling my drawings in high school. Was heading towards becoming a commercial artist. I was in a terrible car accident and shattered my arm. Thought I would never be able to draw again due to nerve damage. I was right, it hurts my arm to do the detail that's needed in this medium. Thanks to GOD though I discovered I could paint and I've been painting ever sense. This is the very fist painting I did after the car accident.
I paint mostly landscapes but I am branching out into other fields, which is exciting.
Returned to the home I grew up in about 4 years ago. My kids are grown and on their own, which gives me more time to paint.
I love animals and have a rescue dog.

Sunrises in the Mountains




cascading waterfall

highway 50a