Liz Coppock

Liz Coppock


I believe that everyone can express themselves by making art. As children we usually start drawing even before we learn to talk. For me it is fulfilling, joyful, healing and only occasionally frustrating and difficult.

My own artwork is very eclectic. I have worked with most art mediums and have a wide variety of styles and subject matter. I'm still learning and experimenting and most importantly, having fun.


I have always loved making art but started being more serious about it after leaving an initial career in medical research. I studied art full time, first at Exeter Community College then later at Oxford University and most recently at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh. Currently I live in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I have shown individual paintings in several exhibitions in the UK and Canada and in October 2019 I had a solo exhibition at the Cedar Hill Art Centre in Victoria BC. Nine of my paintings have been finalists in recent Gallery Ring online exhibitions.





Still life