(LILI) Lizabeth Laroche

(LILI) Lizabeth Laroche


“Lili’s art is a way back to ourselves.”

Lizabeth Laroche’s paintings differ from most other artists’ approach to the visual arts. It is not purely aesthetic, or a work of forms or experimental textures, or even just a dialogue of colors. Though her art gives us pause, and a reason to smile and to appreciate the strong clear voice shining through.

Lili’s work is shamanistic, as it serves as a channel, a transmitter of a universal mythology, evoking stories of the myths that surround us and are at the foundation of our spirit. The strength of Lili’s paintings is in her ability to surrender and to provoke a dialogue with the invisible that defines all of us.

Lili listens to her inner resonance. The result compels us to feel deeply inside ourselves.

The works of Lizabeth Laroche are fragmented mirrors of the human essence at once reminding us while moving us beyond our archetypes our perceptions. Lili’s work are like snap shots of the soul capturing some eternal, true nature.