Welcome to LISLEV Art Shop, here you can buy some unique artworks created with lovely hands by me. They have something that is filled with feelings and carried through different time.

About me:
Hi my name is Lisa Levy. Currently I live in New Orleans, LA, USA. But originally I'm from Arkhangelsk, Russia [64°32′N 40°32′E]. As I remember my first artist experience happened on the walls of my house when I was a baby.
At the middle school in art class I was often praised for my drawings and my art teacher told me that I should go to an art college. So yeah i got an artist degree. So currently I'm working as an artist with freestyle brush. I create something that really inspires me and something i really want to share with you all.

Something simple makes something Unique and Beatiful. ©
When your art pieces speaks for you. ©

For more information please contact me via email at lis.lev [!at]

48x60 Canvas Acrylic /Gold Leaf

The Phenomena [18x24] Paper

Abstract Art Posters [18x24]

Paper Waterscapes [18x24]

Greed Private Collection [18x24]

Minimal Paper Art Selection [18x24]

Birds Paper Art [18x24]

Paper Art [8x12] and [8.5x11] in

Canvas Fluid Abstract Art [6x6]

Canvas Epoxy Waterscapes

Mixed Art Canvases