Lisa Maria

Lisa Maria

Born & raised in New England, I draw inspiration from nature and love. I have been drawing and painting my whole life. As a mother of 4 teens, my art is not only my first love, but also my sanctuary. I strive to share my interpretations of beauty and emotion through my work to share with friends, family, and anyone interested enough to take a look. I find tranquility in creating fluid lines which remind me of the soothing motion of water as well as many natural elements seen everywhere. Fluidity captures the essence of my style and the process in which I paint.

My work often expresses femininity, both literal and figuratively – a part of my own personality which naturally comes through. This can be seen in my use of gentle curves, bright colors, and gentle expressions in portraits. I want to offer a whimsical and beautiful view of a world that is otherwise often hard and calculating. I think that releasing something beautiful into the world helps bring back a little balance to the harsh realities of life we all face. Providing, even if just for a moment, an escape into something a little more welcoming.




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