Linda's Art

Linda's Art

Hello, I am a new artist, I designed and built furniture for 15 yrs. Now that I have gotten older I turned my attention to painting. The building was a gift from God and so is this. I will explain, my father passed in 2000 and he and I were really close. He built houses in Bristol, TN in the 50's. He retired to Fla. When he passed, I went back to my home and had to have tools. Carpenter tools, and lots of them. I have never before this touched a tool (I am a sissy). Wood, I found at a wholesale company and bought their wood that was just right for my furniture. I built stuff like it was 100 yrs. old. Although I miss building I asked God to give me the gift of painting. Well, as you can see he gave art to me. I will have my first gallery show in
Gallery/Ball photography in Abingdon, Va in April.

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