Lionel Le Jeune

Lionel Le Jeune

From Paris to Avignon, Lionel Le Jeune is a distinguishable artist with his fascinating, sculptures, oil paintings, ink drawings of urban anonymous and soldiers portraits.

His artworks are founds in many private collection in Europe, Usa, Australia and Russia

This fan of classic art, influenced by italian primitives or german expressionists and also the American painter and printmaker, Edward Hopper or the French modern artist, Balthus, he shows us among his paintings our daily life with such a unique style.

In fact, Le Jeune is a confirmed talented painter .
With his art of modelling, he tries to capture those moving and unstable moments of our lives changing them into unique and intelligible ones.
Le Jeune marks his artistic maturity by a series of urban scenes and derives his subject matter from the common features of streets, ordinary places and inhabitants. He positions his characters just like tableaux in a play as if they have been captured just before or after the climax of a scene. His subtle emotion and his special sensibility enhance his characters and subjects in an enigmatic and timeless world.