Linda Schneider

Linda Schneider

I grew up on a mixed farm in Victoria Australia. At high school, I spent most of my time looking through art books in the library when I was supposed to be studying. Later, I completed a Diploma in Fine Art (Painting), and a Graduate Diploma (Sculpture). I wanted to travel, so I studied for further qualifications in teaching (B.Ed, M.TESOL), linguistics (M.A), and languages (B.Ed. GradDip).

My work is mostly autobiographical. It incorporates my history and my future goals – even before I am consciously aware of these myself. I currently draw with inks, graphite, charcoal, water-colors, and other media. I paint in both acrylic and oils. I love drawing and painting the human body and experimenting with other subject matter. However, I also incorporate my own image into my art - mostly because I don't want to offend anyone with an artwork that incorporates that person's image, but which they don't like.


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