Linda Brenyah

Linda Brenyah

About linda brenyah

About my style, self taught.I love telling a story through observers eye's, using digital software enhanced with vibrant colors, Cultural,Traditional and bold images. Abstracts, portraits, figurine and landscape are part of my resume.

I was born in London UK , lived in Ghana and the United States for several years. Currently back home in London. My Influences and Inspirations are Preschooler's, nature and my various travels.

Harold Washington College, IL.USA

National Diploma in Design (communications) – North London College. Great Britain

Attended many Art Fairs, bazaars as well as in -home Exhibitions.

Was Commissioned to create 3 large digital images on canvas for a reception clinic, needed images and colours that would sooth, calm and relax anxious mothers to be.

Commissioned to enhance A private home with digital images on Canvas based on a theme of abstracts images.
Sold at local fairs and Church Bazaars.


The African Regent Hotel (GHANA) 6/2015

GOETHE Institute (GHANA) 3/2015

My Sistah's