Trouvaille Artography

Trouvaille Artography

So you want to know about me...well here's a few facts off the top of my head:

1. Wife of one, mom of three. All 4 of them are crazies - but they're MY crazies, that I love!

2. Sunshine yellow is my favorite color. Forever.

3. I've been involved in photography for about 14 years now (whoa, how am I that old already?!). I've shot everything - newborns, weddings, seniors, boudoir, and families. I've designed wedding albums, meaningful family photos with quotes, and canvases. I've worked in commercial portrait studios, photo labs, and on my own. My own walls (and extended family's) are covered in many pieces I've designed, that are special memories specific to our family. I love all the creative aspects involved in photography, from the shoot all the way to the final edits and designs.

4. I love working out. Whether it's through running, lifting, hiit, circuit, obstacle racing, playing tag at the playground with my kids, swimming, get the idea. I enjoy being active, and if I can be outside while doing it, even better!

5. Pinterest is both the BEST and the WORST thing ever.

6. My favorite author is Ted Dekker. Go read all his books and try and not get hooked! The Circle series is probably my favorite of his groups of books. However, my favorite book in the world is, "Redeeming Love," by Francine Rivers. I know, so weird that my favorite book isn't by my favorite author. Once you read this book though, you'll see why.

7. I have a serious case of wanderlust. Pretty much all.the.time. If I wasn't married with 3 kids, I'd be off traipsing around the world. For now, I have to satisfy my itch by dreaming about when our kids are grown and we've traded in our house for the rv we plan on driving around the country in.

That seems like a good spot to stop for now, since I like odd numbers. Hope you enjoyed those 7 quick tidbits about me! I'm sure I'll randomly change these, just to keep you on your toes and interested haha. Anyhow, kudos to you for venturing into the "about me" area, hope it didn't disappoint and was at least entertaining!