Lim Hwee Tiong

Lim Hwee Tiong

I am a graduate from Singapore Academy of Art, and I had began my studies in watercolour in 1967. Currently a lifetime member of Singapore Art Society, Singapore Water Colour Society and The Society of Chinese Artists my works has been selected for the preservation in the Singapore Collection of Art Museum. I have also participated in various exhibitions organized by the National Museum, Ministry of Culture and local Art Societies.

In 1978, I was awarded the Special Award with a watercolour art piece at the National Day Art Exhibition organized by Ministry of Culture. In 1979, I held my first joint exhibition, ‘Lim Hwee Tiong and Ang Hiong Chiok Art Exhibition’ at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and in 1981 another joint exhibition at the National Museum with two other local artist, Lim Thian Seng & Ang Hiong Chiok. That year, I was also invited to participate in the ‘Singapore Artists Works Exhibition’ held in Paris, France.

In 1982 and 84 I was awarded with a Commendation Award in the Open Category of an annual art exhibition organized by Ministry of Culture & United Overseas Bank Group. In 1982, my works were also selected for participation in the ‘7th International Art Exhibition’ at Kaoshiung, Taiwan organized by the Society of Chinese Artists. In 1985, I was awarded the ‘Tan Tze Chor Art Scholarship’, a highly regarded award in the local art scene. That same year, I also won the First Prize in the Representation Category of art exhibition organized by the United Overseas Bank Group, and was also selected to participate in ‘ASPACAE’85 Nanyang Art Exhibition. In 1986, my artwork was selected for exhibition in ‘Artistes Contemporains De Singapore Au Grand Palais’ in Paris.

In 1991, I finally held my first solo art exhibition, ‘Lim Hwee Tiong Art Exhibition’ at the Singapore National Museum

In 2010, held a joint Exhibition with Wong Hai and Ang Siew Tin at The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce. 2 years later I held another solo exhibition ‘Memories of the Past’ Watercolour Art Exhibition at Hai Hui Art Gallery. This exhibition not only showcased my artwork and scenes of olden day Singapore from 1960s to 1990s, but also showcased my foundation, transition and maturity in this journey of watercolour painting.

To date, I continue to participate in various local and overseas art exhibitions such as Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. My works are also preserved by private and public collectors such as Nanyang Technological University, the UOB Group collection.

Hope you enjoy my passion towards watercolour artworks!