Lily Ann Altman

Lily Ann Altman

Lily Ann Altman is a Dutch artist with Hungarian roots.
She is a storyteller, often creating series of drawings, which are then numbered Artwork I, Artwork II, Artwork III etc.
All her work is ink on paper.
Her pictures and collections can be purchased end enjoyed with picture mount only or framed.

Being a multidisciplinary artist, Lily Ann Altman has been schooled in journalism and classical music.
She is an experimentalist with the conviction that observing fine detail is a habit, transcending the medium.
She started to draw in 2013 out of the blue and she considers herself a student in art.

"Most artists are Michelangelo´s to some degree and they embark on different genres out of a need for expression. I draw, I play the piano and I write. And whatever the medium, it´s about feelings. I draw to show emotions rather than just to reflect reality in an abstract way. Reducing reality to a minimalist piece of art is not for it´s own sake, it should be meant to show the essence. It´s the exact same thing as writing a newspaper article using only a few words. I always ask myself the question: why would anyone want to look at my art? Ideally, there has to be a story behind that will move you or make you think or laugh. I want to capture and to visualize emotions. That is I think what should be the aim of any form of art. I do it in a minimalist kind of way because it helps me emphasise the essence.