Lilla Duva

Lilla Duva

Lilla Duva, a native of Sete, France, is selftaught in the method of the Dutch and Italian Old Masters, preparing his own canvas, mediums and paints in the purist form with strict adherence to the techniques of the 17th century.

In striving to recreate the beautiful layered paintings of the 17th century, I placed myself under the conditions of my old Masters.

Thus I found their secrecies to be a part of them, collecting and dissolving the plant resins of the European, and African trees, even amber from the Baltic.

I cook my oils according to the recipes of Pacheco and of Palomino and I crush my pigments extracted from hard stones (Lapis Lazuli, Atacamite, Malachite, Azurite ......) It is a search without end and an unceasingly renewed pleasure.

Each stone gives its color, each resin its effects of transparency and luminescence. Ten lives would not be enough to come to the end of this enchantment. To those who view my paintings, seek there no message. It is understood only by the self indulging pleasure to paint.