Liliana Stoica

Liliana Stoica

In 2013 i have added a new dimension to my life, a bold journey in an abstract world of art and vivid colours. In this journey my father joined me, wood sculptor Gheorghe Stoica, from where I inherit the love for wood textures, depths and versatility.

My art combines sculptural dimensions, geometrical juxtaposition and full rainbow colors painting, to form a perfect 3D representation of an emotion, a manifestation of happiness and pure joy.

Each artwork, wood wall art, unites hundreds of geometrical manual painted pieces, a modern mosaic with abstract themes, portraits or zoomorphic shapes. 3D art is becoming one of the most intriguing form of art of our time, allowing mixing materials, colors and exuberating imagination.

“An artist is just God tools to unleash beautiful emotions, however the journey of becoming close to God and feel it’s guidance it’s a blessing, an aspiration that I didn’t imagine till it happened.” Liliana Stoica

We are all made of colours, vibrations and spaces, surround yourself with people, art and objects that always gets you joy and rezonates positive emotions. Live life in bold colours!

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Karpatia Horse Show - Cantacuzino Palace - Septembre 2018,2019
One open night – Museum Night– Bucuresti, May 2018, 2019
Fusion arts – Noblesse Palace – Bucuresti, May 2017, 2018, 2019
Kuxa Studio partner events, Bucharest Romania, 2017
Delta Studio partner events, Bucharest Romania, 2017
Life in Bold Colours Exhibition, House of Art, Timisoara, Romania, June 2017
Life in Bold Colors, Ethos House exhibition, Bucharest, Romania, July 2016
White Night exhibition - Bucharest, Romania - September 2014, October 2015, October 2016, octomber 2017
BoConcept partner events, Bucharest Romania, 2015
BMR Gallery – mixt artists exhibition, Bucharest, Romania - March 2015
Avon Inspiration Challenge - November 2014
Google House event - June 2014