LifeGraph Bespoke

LifeGraph Bespoke

Growing up in Glasgow with the Highland's of Scotland less than an hours drive away, Scott and his friends embraced life head on, whether it was Surfing, Snowboarding, Mountain climbing or camping in the wilderness, enjoying life and creating memories was a regular part of their lives...

But as they grew older the reality of life started to kick in, days like those became rarer. Friends moved away for Uni, started families and careers, which meant there wasn't much time to spend doing what they used to love. Soon days would blend into the next, repetitive, mundane, before they knew it they were like everyone else "living in the real world"

Then one day Scott was Inspired by a Ted Talk he saw where the speaker talked about how little we actually live compared to merely existing. The speaker said that if we were somehow able to quantify our days lived and lost, it would have a profound effect on how we view life and motivate us to change for the better whilst we still can.

So he designed and built a simulation program called 'LifeGraph' which creates uniquely bespoke and eye-opening works of motivational art to help inspire people "Living in the real world" and lets them know that time, really is running out.