Power Paintings

Power Paintings


I'm a Texas artist who loves abstract paintings. Occasionally I paint a simple flower, plant, or sunset when the mood strikes. I like using acrylic paint on acrylic paper. It's an easy way to put my feelings down on paper.Painting is very therapeutic!
All my paintings are signed on the back, dated with the month & year, & numbered. All are original, one-of-a-kind. If it's shown with a frame, then I painted the picture exclusively for that frame to match it.
I'm REALLY into this new way of creating abstract art called the Pour Technique. No brush. No touch. Very interesting, unique, messy & FUN!!! I recently got to teach my 8 year old granddaughter to do it. She created a piece of art that is absolutely awesome! I framed it & wrapped it for her parents for Christmas.
With this new method, I'm much more confident in my work & myself as an artist. And dagnabbit, I'm pretty darn gOOd!! 😊

I hope you enjoy what you see!
Thank you in advance!

Have a colorfully blessed day <3

a Boat sailing by Robert Grace, CA