Liane Mae Budden Art

Liane Mae Budden Art

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest Washington and Southeast Alaska I have been exposed to an abundance of natural and cultural beauty for which offers an immense pallet to choose and create from. Traditionally trained in the fine art of photography, I choose to focus more on the art of storytelling. Using many mediums to make my craft, I spend my time painting miniature oil paintings, drawing ink and marker art, and creating diorama’s that tell the many stories from my life and from my imagination. Most recently I have taken up making jewelry using antique, vintage, and repurposed beads and materials. Making art is my passion as in doing so it provides the ability for self exploration, self expression and healing. I like to see art used more frequently as a method to aide anybody through the changing times in their lives. Once a person finds their artistic voice nothing can stop them from using it! Thank you for supporting my art!

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