Hi there! My name is Liana Kramer. I am a native New Yorker. I am a Mixed Media artist and a Fashion Designer. I have a degree in fashion design from Kent State University. Finishing my degree made me fall out of love with my art for a bit, so I started the process of gaining it back. I went back to my roots, which started with a pencil, a sketchbook, and drawing the female body. Everything has been progressing well from there, I've begun reintroducing other mediums in my work as well as sewing more. My style is more illustrative and incorporates multiple mediums and I find beauty in deteriorated things as well as topics that make people a bit uncomfortable (mostly because I don't think they should). I am new at this whole selling art thing, so kindness and maybe some guidance would be much appreciated. And as I've said, some of my work is rather risque, so consider yourself warned.

Thank you and Enjoy,

Liana (Lazanny)

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