Abstract wild art

Abstract wild art


I am a stay at home person, for more reasons than just the virus. I have been creating mostly for my own pleasure. My passion are wild bright abstract color designs. Living in one of the coldest states in the Continental United States. The Winter months are cold and dark. Color brighten my world.
I work with Charcoal, acrylics, oil (not so much), and the newest form of art, Digital art, for let not forget that all form of self-expression is art. I even do some Photography.
In the Summer Months, I work in more natural surroundings whenever possible. National Parks, State Parks, and anywhere I can find Waterfalls,

Having been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor I don't go anywhere alone. When I escape my keepers, LOL I walk for miles and settle down and paint. It's where you'll find me. I even escaped from the hospital, IV, and all. LOL Right out the front door. Walked home in my hospital gown. No-one stopped me. Isn't that strange? No one found it strange that a little person (5'1") would be walking with an IV attached to her! You might find my designs an extension of my character.

Flowers for the Child