Lynne Summers

Lynne Summers

Lynne E Summers (b. Washington DC, USA) works in several mediums, currently using acrylic paint on canvas.

With conceptual approach, Ms. Summers paintings respond to the surrounding environment, using everyday experiences and examining the ambiguity and origination, her approach is a wide scale of subjects involving the viewer. Her works are an investigation into representation of situations as well as depictions and ideas that can only be realized in painting.

The arrangements of colors, hues, tonal values and their movements or contrasts tie together the conceptual approach. Capturing and revealing the feelings of the moment and the creativity of placing these moments of time and space onto paper or canvas is passion and life. Imagination, sensitivity, perception and aesthetics all intermingle with the creation of the piece.

The endeavor is to give the mind more to view than what is presented on the canvas.