Paintings by Leslie Bussey

Paintings by Leslie Bussey

Art is a part of me. I consider it a God-given talent although I am constantly on the quest to learn more. When I was in elementary school I adored art class. When it came time for me to choose a college major I never considered art as an option for a career. Oh how I wish I would have! If I could do it over again, that is what I would choose. When you hear "do what you love as your job,"... It's art that I wish I could "do" every single day. So, while it may not be the degree that hangs on my wall, it is a true inner passion that I engage in as often as I can. When I see the world around me, I see colors, lines, shapes, texture, and beauty. I don't confine myself to one style but rather love to experiment. I am drawn to acrylics, pastels and watercolors for paintings as well as to charcoal and pencil for sketches. I strive to engage in some type of art every day whether it's a quick sketch or a more timely painting worked on over time. I love painting miniatures (a lot of the originals you see here are miniatures) as well as larger pieces. For the past 15 years, I have worked in the field of education but I am most happy and fulfilled when I am with my family and doing the things I love. As a Christian, I love Jesus and am thankful for His love and grace everyday. Other "loves" include traveling, music, the beauty of clouds, coffee, coffee shops, reading, being surrounded by books and art, nature, the Appalachian Trail, hiking, birds, pottery, handmade items, and I really, really love art. I consider it a privilege to share my life and my work with you. Please email me at with any questions or inquiries about the artwork on this site and/or in regards to custom requests/commissions.

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