As a very young child,
I always enjoyed knitting and crocheting.

Both my grandmothers taught me to knit and I used it as an outlet to relax and for gift giving. While working on making a felted coat, I decided that the art of felting was something I had a fondness for. However wearing a felted coat in Georgia was just not something that was logical; maybe if I stayed in New Jersey where i grew up, I could wear it during the very cold winter months.

Instead, I did not complete the coat but decided to create a wall hanging by adding personal and fun accents to the original garment. The back of the coat is now displayed in my gallery in Buford, Ga.

After receiving my Master's Degree in Music, I enjoyed a satisfying career as a Music Teacher in NJ. Upon retirement in 2017, I moved to Suwanee Georgia to be closer to family.

While trying to adapt to a very different lifestyle, I always found ways to be a part of the Suwanee community and worked part time teaching piano and voice as well as directing musical theatre productions.