Painter and sculptor born in Metz in 1973 and actually living to Catalunya, Matuszewski Lepolsk is passionate about drawing and painting since the age of 6 years. The design is already a passion since 1979 (first gestural painting), and devotes most of his childhood in illustration and sculpture, and then turns to the visual arts.

In 1992, the painter puts aside the gestural painting and offers an innovative approach, the antithesis of abstract art, called "INNABSTRAIT" and plays with the densities in combination with natural materials, light and very strong very dark shadows. The association "Shadow and Light" becomes inseparable see enigmatic called Mirrors, Asylum and Ignis Anima.

Lepolsk creates series of paintings "FUSION" 18 years later, a meeting between the paint and material. The year 2010 announces a revival, explosions of colors and materials which give off a high energy hitting the sensitivity of viewers both in studio live performance.

"I try to divert and direct paint gestural abstraction called" action painting "by adding new materials. The meeting between my painting and matter ... My view on art, period!"

Abstract calligraffiti art