Leon Sternberg

Leon Sternberg


Leon Sternberg, born in 1962 is a multifaceted digital artist who exposed his works in Russia,Monaco,New-York,Paris,Belgium and Tel Aviv.

“ When one is old enough to have been able to live consciously in both
the analog, and digital era, one should be able to understand it’s obvious

Respect for the ancient Masters is the underlying argument for Leon Sternberg to have launched an admirable collection with great emphasis towards the ancient time and enough touch of the present time to create a well balanced plastic art anachrony.
Moreover because of his understanding for the new highly developed world and it’s technological schisma varying from nano-technology to fast paced communication, the work of Leon Sternberg reflects both which becomes evident through his advanced and well thought color palette.

Of course the latter being prospected by a limited quantity of present digital artists nurturing the same idea, Leon Sternberg art surely stands out further than all of them because of his experience within both area’s.
Even if one cannot correlate both subjects of each masterpiece, the visual aspect on itself is too enchanting in order having to understand it's deeper meaning.

The anachronic collection