Leona Patrick

Leona Patrick


Artist, author, app developer, yoga teacher, apprentice shaman — Patricia “Pat” Leone, aka Leona Patrick.

After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts from Denver University, Pat taught arts and crafts for the city of Richmond, Virginia, while taking night classes in computer technology.

In mid-career, she accepted a position as a software engineer in Atlanta, Georgia. Although it left little time for her painting, application design and development proved a fascinating and challenging outlet for for an entirely different kind of creativity..

In retirement, her sunrise walks along the intracoastal waterway in Thunderbolt, Georgia, coupled with her late boyfriend’s request for a portrait, inspired her metamorphosis into the artist she is today.

Among her other pursuits are yoga, creating yoga youtube videos and meditation podcasts, and writing poetry and memoirs.

https://patricialeone.com https://leonapatrick.com

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