Leo Amavizca

Leo Amavizca


Hey guys!! Before I share my story with you, I just wanna say all my art is hand drawn. Alright, so my name is Leo, and I've been scribbling on just about any piece of paper in sight since I could pick up a pencil. Started out as simple doodles and copying cartoons as a lil boy. Nearing the 6th grade I was heavily influenced by 90's rap and underground hip hop and began doing graffiti. Like any other artist trying to learn a new skill, it was really bad haha, but I kept at it all throughout junior high and into high school where I eventually developed my own style. I'd spend my time drawing in classes, and at home or anywhere I could, and barely did any homework. A year or two later and i'd do graffiti every now and then but was more interested in creating my own characters. My fellow students would always ask me if I wanted to be an artist when I grew up and I always said no because I was uncertain about my future career. I figured it all out at the beginning of 2015 when I was really depressed the night before a job interview. The next day I got a job as a coach at a gymnastics gym here in Huntington Beach, California, (SCATS Gymnastics, check em out!!) where the environment just cheered me up and taught me a few new things (only worked there for a little more than three months but it was a great experience). Ever since February of 2015 i've been drawing every day. Comic book art has been a great inspiration for me as well. In my free time I study anatomy and sketch in my sketchbook. I love all kinds of art and encourage every aspiring artist, young or old, to stay on that path, or create your own. If you wanna check out more of my work, or just follow me on my journey, you can go on instagram and search: kruse_graffiti

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Thanks for reading my story guys, PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11:11