Lenka Graner's Paintings

Lenka Graner's Paintings


Artist Biography Lenka Graner: Lenka received a B.A. in Art and Art History from
The University of Toronto, a Doctor of Holistic Medicine from Calcutta, India, and traveled extensively throughout Europe, North America and Asia. She has been involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Mississauga, Toronto, NYC, and South Korea. She currently lives and works in the Greater Toronto Area. Nature, travel, cityscapes and people inspire Lenka. Through the colour and shapes in her paintings and photography, she tries to capture the beauty and soul of the place or person, and brings out feelings of happiness, joy, love and peace to the owner and viewer. She enjoys working with oils and acrylics on canvas, photography and graphic design. Lenka’s artwork can be found in private collections in the Toronto Area, Asia, and Europe.

Adjectives to describe Lenkas work: Bold, Bright, Elegant, Energy Giving, Inspiring, Joyful, Lively, Memorable, Playful, Positive, and Uplifting.

Buyer comments:
“We have a Prague painting of yours. Love it, it sits on our high table hitch to this day.
Lots of people comment on it Lenka, it's such a fun painting! Great conversation starter and has a prominent place in our home. 🙂 - Hanna.”

Walker by at The Artist Project Toronto:
“We walked by here because I remember her work.”

“You inspired me to become an artist myself.” Anonymous


“Beautiful, awesome! I like those!” Anonymous

“You know how I know that we walked by here? I remember her name!” Anonymous

“It’s beautiful!”

“It was a treat seeing your work. Your work is fabulous!” - 70 year old Charles

“The Rialto Bridge painting is for a princess.”

“Rialto Bridge - that’s my favourite. I photographed it!”

“I didn’t see this or I would have remembered!”

Message me to ask how you can also be a proud owner of one or more of Lenka’s memorable, joyful and uplifting pieces.