Léna Sheridan

Léna Sheridan


Léna Sheridan is an artist and musician who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She works in a range of mediums, including drawing, photography, oil painting, and sculpture - but she is continually pulled back to drawing as a central interest.

Léna completed her visual arts study at RMIT in Melbourne. Having previously studied linguistics and philosophy at Melbourne University, she continues to investigate the workings of the psyche, loneliness versus connectedness, and the general strangeness of being alive. She is interested in understanding the human form through synaesthesia and visual empathy. Her creative process comes about through unconscious and meditative ideas, often resulting in images that are poetic and surreal.

Léna has held exhibitions around Melbourne and continues to take on a variety of commissions, both for Australian and international clients. Her work is featured in private collections across Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

All of her works on Artpal are available as prints.


Paintings and Pastels