Dremova Elena

Dremova Elena


Dear friends!
I will not make you bored telling about the details from my biography. I would better share my incredible story with you. I graduated from Law University and worked as lawyer for 5 years. I'm a creative person who enjoys dancing and singing but I have never been interested in painting. One day during the meditation some bright colorful pictures have come to my imagination. That was very exciting and unbelievable. Later I had some more pictures coming to my imagination and I decided to draw them. That was the start of my art career. I started with those simple pictures and later tried to draw more difficult paintings. Most of all I like to paint seaside, nature, flowers and beautiful places from my travels. Usually people say that my paintings make them smile and happy because of bright colors and positive motives. I always creat it with all my heart. And I hope my paintings will make your day brighter and your mood better!
Yours Elena.

Nature. Landscapes


European cities


Magnificent Flowers

Magic Majorca

Romantic summer in Italy