Leona 🍋

Leona 🍋


I strongly believe that I was created to create. I grew up in a remote village in Greece which sparked my love of nature. As a young child I was always immersed in art. I express my thoughts and feelings through my art. I took part in many art competitions and at 18, I enrolled in Art School, showcasing my work in the exhibitions. I am largely self -taught, and have completed a few workshops throughout Europe.
ART INDUSTRY: Dedicated Artist with more than 10 years background in creating unique pieces. Mostly self-taught but I have completed several courses in Europe at the Visual Art Academy of Kozani, Greece. Working extensively with charcoal, oil and water colours. Successfully showcased pieces in over 4 public exhibitions, the Pan-Hellenic Student Art Exhibitions. Imaginative and creative with experience selling own designs for 5 years. Passionate and focused on developing a unique personal aesthetic and marketable trademark in the visual arts arena.
Approached, via Instagram, by 1340 Art Magazine, Q3, to publish 4 of my designs. Instagram page artwithlemon
SET DESIGN: Creative team player in production team. Designed and painted set including all art work.

Creative Graphic arts design
Mural and scenic art creation
Superb attention to detail
Traditional fine art skills
Preparing exhibits
Effective sales techniques

Artist | 09/2013 to 06/2018
Self Employed - Patras, Greece
Ran stall at Patras Bay selling my art work: charcoal portraits and landscapes in water colours and acrylics.
SET DESIGN (07/07/2019 to 26/08/2019)
Worked as part of production team on a youth theatre show. Designed and painted set including all art work.
Linden postcard show exhibition (22/11/2019-09/02/2020)
Education and Training
University Of Patras - - Panepistimioupoli Patron | Bachelor of Arts
Philosophy, 12/2018

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