Jean-Noël Le Junter's paintings

Jean-Noël Le Junter's paintings

Jean-Noël Le Junter is a professional artist who lives and works in the South of France.He has been a member of the 'Maison des Artistes' since 2000, has won numerous prizes and has exhibited in 18 galleries in France and abroad between 2000 and 2019.
''All his landscape watercolours are made on location. In them he tries to capture the atmosphere of the place rather than reality. He then uses a lot of them as studies for his oil paintings.''

[...] In landscapes, seascapes , portraits and nudes he always starts on location or with live models making sketches and watercolours which will then enable him to work in his studio.[..] He is more interested in atmospheres than in reality and tries to convey his sensations and simplify this reality in order to retain only the essential while at the same time focusing on colours [..]
translated from Midi Libre , december 2016



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