Leita is a young artist painter inspired by many waves her paints make have a colorful trip into her fantasy mind

In her early childhood she discovers the work of Salvator Dali and the world of the surrealism.
This experience leaves the strong impression and the influence for next events.
Later (2000 - 2004) at the high school in Brno she visits the classes of the fine art at the professor Sucharda
who arouses her decision to dedicate herself to the painting.
After the high school she moves to Manchester, the idiosyncratic city in the North of England.
The musical atmosphere on the industrial background broadens her horizonts of the creativity.
She improves her knowledge on the field of the fine art and visits exhibitions of the local painters.
There is also a rewarding period which she spends with other artists, especially with musicians, in London

Back from England Leita makes new connections with Czech painters, inspired continues to work and successfully organizes three exhibitions in Brno.
Two of them at Sklenena louka ( The twelve, Tibet ) and at the cafe Andel ( The garden of the soul ).
Now she lives and creates in Prague,preparing lots of artistic projects with her husband Sadik.