Leif Bakka

Leif Bakka


Born in 1967 in a small coastal town of Sauda, Norway, Leif Bakka`s interest in American Indian culture began at an early age. As a child, His Fascination with the old west led him to spend long hours reading classic comic books and playing "Cowboys & Indians". In 1991 Bakka had the opportunity to study at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. While earning his Bachelors Degree in Architecture he refined his skills by taking many courses in drawing and painting. It was during this time that he was first exposed to Indian culture. His captivation with the Plains Indians, led him to attend many Indian Powwows This exposure to the regalia, dance and tradition had a profaund impact. He was drawn to these people through a sense: of respect celebration and documentation. using etching and acrylic as the medium for his artistic expression, Bakka has been specializing in American Indian subjects for the past 20 years. His expressive, passionate, representational style presents a commanding visual result. From his fascinating detailed studies of traditional Indian artifacts to movement of the powwows he attended. His Current series emphasizes the soul of the Indian through portraiture. Leif Bakka lives in Sauda, Norway.


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